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We are based in Hudson, Ontario, Canada, a small town with a big welcome for tourists from all over the world.

Travelling to Lac Seul Floating Lodges

From the U.S.A:

Make your way to International Falls, Minnesota, and cross the border to Fort Frances, Ontario. Take Highway 11 east to Manitou Road (Highway 502). Go north on this road to Highway 17 and then east to Highway 72.

In Canada:

Follow local highways until you reach the Trans Canada Highway (Highway 17). Follow highway 17 towards Dryden until you reach Highway 72.

To Hudson:

Proceed north on Highway 72 and then turn west onto Highway 664. This takes you straight into the town of Hudson. Once in Hudson, after you pass the Liquor Store, turn right at the intersection and you will see the lake. Follow the road to our office on the waterfront.


The flying public is served by nearby Sioux Lookout Airport. airport features include:

  • 5000 foot paved and lighted runway
  • Flight Service Station
  • Hanger space and repair facilities
  • Extended term parking
  • JA-1 with FSll fuel and Av gas
  • NDB and GPS IFR approaches

Fifteen miles away, in Sioux Lookout, there is a hospital, medical clinic, dentist and ambulance services including a stand-by air ambulance on call 24 hours/7days a week able to fly to major medical centres.

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